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We are different.


Continual's purpose is to help connect organizations to experts who can help them reduce their corporate and institutional costs today, and contain them in the future.

In 2004, shipping and logistics veterans Erin and Phil O'Rourke founded Ship-Rec Logistics Inc. to help organizations reduce their shipping spend. Throughout the years, Ship-Rec consultants met a variety of experts who provide services and products that also help organizations reduce and contain costs in a number of expense areas. Ship-Rec leadership narrowed the experts down to only the best and formalized the network partnership under the name Continual.

While doing business internationally, Ship-Rec and Continual are committed to keeping their headquarters its hometown of Portage, WI (about 30 miles North of Madison, WI). Continual's leadership plays an active role in business development, education, and service in their community.

In 2016, Ship-Rec and Continual expanded operations by opening Timber Court Business & Conference Center, an over 13,000-square-foot facility that is home to Ship-Rec, Continual and several other organizations. Additionally, Timber Court serves the local business community with modernized meeting space.

It's Who We Are That Makes The Difference

While other cost management firms employ the same office staff to handle a variety of expenses, we maximize cost reduction by utilizing subject matter experts in each-and-every expense area. We select our industry experts based on performance, client experience, integrity, and flexibility. We connect you directly with the appropriate experts for your needs and do not white label any service.


Why Cost Containment?

Organizations do not employ experts in every expense area.  Working with you, our cost containment experts identify areas of savings opportunity, and create a structure to give you long-term control.

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