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Areas of Expertise


There is an assumption that high utility prices are a necessary evil when there are few provider options. Our utilities experts have challenged that assumption time-and-time again. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small office building, we can help you reduce your spend. Depending on your organization's characteristics, you may also receive up to four year's worth of refunds for over payments!

Service: Natural Gas, Electricity, Propane, and Water & Sewer

Shipping & Logistics

It's not what you know that's costing you.  It's what you don't know. Carriers intentionally distract their clients by focusing on discounts and gloss over all of the extra fees, accessorials, and surcharges. Our experts help you structure your agreements to minimize spend, audit your invoices, and teach you how to avoid costly self-inflicted errors. Additionally, you will have the ability to monitor your individual shipments through the use of proprietary technology.

Service: Small Parcel, Freight, International, Postage, Ocean, and Rail

Telecom & Wireless

Between the regulations, taxes, technologies, and constantly-changing rate plans, managing your phone, internet, and wireless spend can be challenging. Our independent experts help you negotiate new agreements with your current service provider, introduce alternative providers, and even give you access to unpublished rates.  Additionally, our experts will cost savings recommendations regarding the technology you utilize.

Service: Phones, Internet, Wireless, Cable TV, and Web Conferencing

Waste & Recycling

You are probably more concerned with what is going on inside your business, but those dumpsters out back could be costing you a lot of money. By optimizing usage, aligning your service agreement to meet your needs, and introducing cost-savings technologies, our experts minimize your spend and make maintenance easy. We also have opportunities for secure electronics recycling and resale.

Service Areas: Waste, Recycling, Electronics, Batteries, Lighting, and Hazardous Materials, Food Waste, and Sludge


Most organizations either purchase supplies through a GPO with blanket discounts, or waste their time price shopping online. Our partnering organization secures discounts that are customized to match your organization. That means the things you purchase frequently get the most aggressive discounts.

Service Areas: Office Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Hardware, Software, Office Furntiture


Software licenses and IT services are a necessary part of running a competitive business, but they should not drain your budget. Whether it's electronic medical record software, accounting licenses, or popular software by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, or HP, our expert zeros in on the savings opportunities in your agreements.

Service Areas: All IT-related agreements